JoAnn & Lynda

Mahwah, New Jersey

14-Year-Old LOOP-LOC Saves Boys In Runaway SUV - JoAnn and her daughter Lynda of Mahwah, New Jersey, were shocked one afternoon, to see a black Ford Explorer roll through their backyard and land in their swimming pool. Inside the SUV were two young boys who had entered the vehicle when it slipped into gear and rolled downhill. Luckily, the pool was covered by a LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Cover.

The LOOP-LOC, "which was purchased in 1988 and used every winter since then, never ripped," JoAnn writes. "Everyone at the scene was truly impressed by your cover. In this day and age it's good to know that there are companies like yours that really produce a superior product. You've just earned a customer for life. Thank you so much!!"