LOOP-LOC Keeps Your Facility Safe and Saves You Money.

With a LOOP-LOC commercial covered pool, you’ll:

  • Save big on water because the pool doesn’t need to be drained at the end of every season.

  • Have the potential to lower your liability insurance premium.

  • Extend the life of your pool by reducing the need for repainting or replastering.

  • Have durable double-thick solid polypropylene webbing straps surround entire perimeter, not just corners.

  • Keeping the pool filled means you don’t have to worry about disposing of chlorine and chemically treated water, an environmental hazard that many states regulate.

Frequently Asked Questions

By following LOOP-LOC’s simple care and maintenance instructions for your mesh or solid cover, you’ll be able to open your pool with minimal cleaning and keep your cover in the best shape, year after year!